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The GameGrade Pitch Locator was developed by a baseball coach for baseball/softball coaches, scouts, parents and fans needing a means of tracking pitch location, selection AND sequence to help hitters in their at-bats. This utility can also be used to help track what pitches are going where. In doing so, pitchers can learn to correct location problems.

Players- Knowing where a pitcher locates his/her pitches and the order in which they are thrown loads a player’s information arsenal for the next contest or even for the next at-bat!


Coaches- Use the game data in preparation for the next meeting. By tracking each pitch, a coach can determine an opponent’s game plan based on the data showing not only WHERE the pitch was thrown but also WHAT pitch was thrown and in what SEQUENCE. Know what the first pitch was and where it was thrown. Determine a pitcher’s strikeout pitch!

Parents- Help your son/daughter determine which pitches they are seeing well by tracking each pitch from the stands. Now you have data to sit down with your child and determine the pitches he/she made contact with and where they were located as well as the sequence.

Umpires- Coaches can help their players with the umpire’s strike zone. View data from the dugout and determine what pitches are being called strikes and where they are located.



The Pitch Locator is easy to use. Simply touch the screen where the pitch is thrown. You can alternate between a left-handed hitter and a right-handed hitter. After touching the screen you can select your pitch type, then hit type. The count is kept in the right hand corner right below the inning.
At the end of the at-bat, the user can track the result of the play easily using baseball shorthand, such as 4-3 for a groundout to the second baseman.
At the end of the at-bat, take a screenshot and your data will be stored before you move on to the next at-bat.

**Note**: To view data, the user can scroll through screenshots saved in the photo album of their device.

The app itself does not store the screenshots.

The upper left number allows the user to input the hitter’s number and right below the user has the option of typing in the hitter’s name or notes on a particular at bat.
The middle number is the order position of the hitter. This allows the user to compare type, location and sequence per position order.
So if the user is wondering what/where/sequence of pitches thrown to the clean-up hitter, the snapshots of the 4-hole hitter can be compared.


Version 2.04 allows the user to upload pitches to the GameGrade website. User must have a GameGrade account.

Free Account provides Camera Roll of At-Bats.

Personal Subscription provides At-Bat/Sequence filtering.

Optimal Subscripton provides All-Access/Total Filtering of Data plus data export.

See more details below:


*Screenshot Shows:

-# of pitches
-Type of pitch thrown
-Location of pitch
-Sequence (order) of all pitches/at-bat

*Ball Color Key:



Strike Looking- White

Strike Swinging- Red

Ball Swinging- Red

Hit Fair- Blue



*Pitch Key:


Fastball= F

Curveball= C

Slider= S

Changeup= U

  -Can include any pitch NOT listed above. Knuckle ball/Circle/Split Finger, etc.


*Results Key:

1- Pitcher P
2- Catcher C
3- First Base 1B
4- Second Base 2B

5- Third Base 3B

6- Shortstop SS
7- Left Fielder LF
8- Center Fielder CF
9- Right Fielder RF

*Results Examples:

4-3 (Second baseman fields a ground ball and throws to the first baseman for the out)

F9 (Fly ball to the right fielder)
E6 (Error on the shortstop)

KS (Strikeout Swinging)

K (Strikeout Looking)



Users can upload pitches and at-bats to their account! (Registration is FREE!)

If a user doesn’t have a GameGrade account, he/she can use the ‘Snapshot’ feature to store at-bats in the photos cache on the device. However, now, with the PL PLUS, you don’t have to rely on screenshots. You can simply upload the pitches to your GameGrade account at anytime during a game to



GameGrade General Subscribers can view the at bats online via their account. When you upload to a free account, you can use the roll feature to see the pitches for each at-bat that is uploaded.



GameGrade Personal Subscribers will be able to upload their pitches and filter their data per:

Date/Event/Player/Inning/Batter Sequence (3-Hole,etc.)/Lefty-Righty



GameGrade Optimal Subscribers have it all! Optimal Subscribers have access to the camera roll and  the ability to filter their data.

Optimal Subscribers will also have a complete pitching chart with the following information available:

Inning the at-bat occurs

Batter to whom the pitches are thrown

Player Name

Number of Player

Pitch Sequence- 1,2,3,etc.

Type of Pitch Thrown

Hit/Swing/No Swing/Foul, etc.

Side- Left or Right

Notes- Outcome of the at-bat

Timestamp of upload


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