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For best results, delete the current version and upload the New 3.0.16 Version to your *device!

*iPhone Recommended

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The GameGrade Pitch Locator PLUS now allows you to upload pitches to your GameGrade Account! If you don't want an account or subscription, you can still use the PL PLUS's Screenshot function and the photo function of your device.

You can now view your scout or bullpen data on GameGrade FREE!

The download is free. Viewing the pitches is free!


*Filtering Pitches/Pitch Stats/Pitching Chart/Pitch Export require GameGrade Subscriptions.


The app is designed to allow users to document baseball/softball pitches and at-bats. The user can either take a screen shot of each at bat, or choose to upload their data to an account at Once the data is uploaded, you can login to the site and go from your MyPage > Pitches to view the pitch data. If you don’t have a GameGrade account, you are welcome to use our Demo Account. Simply upload your pitches to the demo account and you will be able to view the at-bats you uploaded to the account. Use the demo account information below:


Username:  AppleReview

Password:   AppleReview






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-Inning the at-bat occurs


-Batter to whom the pitches are thrown


-Name/Number of Player


-Pitch Sequence


-Type of Pitch Thrown


-Hit/Swing/No Swing/Foul, etc.


-Side- Left or Right




-Outcome of the at-bat    


-Available Pitches: F- Fastball C- Curveball U- Change-Up S- Slider   


-Outcome Key (Ball Color): White- No Swing   Red- Swinging Strike   Green- Foul   Blue- Hit Fair      


DATA:     Each pitch uploaded is listed along with data input including outcome of the at-bat putting

                your Pitching Chart online!         


EXPORT:Exporting your data gives you a hard copy for each player or coach. OR carry one to the dugout for the next time you face this pitcher!


Data NOT exporting to Excel? Not all computer systems automatically open your data in an Excel file. Many times you may need to choose the application to open your export. If you don't get the opportunity to choose the application, you can simply change the properties of the file. If you need help with this, please call us or email. We'll take you through the process. 




*Pitch filters/stats and exports require a GameGrade Account and Subscription





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