Scout Opponent Pitchers

Scout Opponent Pitching

The Pitch Locator PLUS allows a Coach, Player or Parent to scout an opposing pitcher. Here's an example below: 


Here we are scouting the Pitcher- Tracey. He’s #23 on the roster. The picture above was uploaded from our iPad and shows his pitches and locations vs. the first batter of the ball game. The side the hitter is on (R/L) is indicated on the Pitching Chart by a 1-Right-Handed or 0-Left-Handed.

In looking above, we see that Tracey started the right-handed hitter off with a fastball on the inside part of the plate, followed it with a fastball low and outside, then came back in with a fastball in which the hitter swung and missed(indicated by the color RED). The last pitch- a curveball hits the lower, outer part of the plate and since the ball is WHITE, we know the hitter did not swing and ended up in the books with a backwards K.


Below is an example of the Pitch Locator’s Pitching Chart from this at-bat:



This information can be exported and cleaned to your needs and look something like this:


Now we have reduced the amount of information to specifically what we are looking for:

-The Pitcher we are scouting

-The Hitter in order

-The Pitch Type

-The Outcome of the At-Bat



Let's look at the data on the 2-hole hitter Tracey faced along with the Pitching Chart and our Exported Data:


Pitching Chart



Exported Data




You will notice from the information gathered and posted on this page, we are not interested in the hitter’s information.

We are looking strictly at what pitches are thrown in specific situations.


From the examples above, we see that Tracey started both hitters off with a fastball low in the zone and we can infer that Tracey’s strike-out pitch may be his curveball as our data indicates he likes to throw it with 2-strikes on the hitter. YOU can have all of this information for an ENTIRE GAME! And filter it any way you want!



The possibilities of scouting a pitching opponent are limitless!


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