Track Your Pitchers

Track Your Pitchers


Using the Pitch Locator to track your pitchers in a contest gives you an actual scouting report on you and your team.


 Our Pitcher Forster walks the lead off hitter after starting him off with a fastball strike.





The 2-hole hitter continues by teeing off on a first pitch fastball over the mid-outer part of the plate for a single and puts runners on 1B and 2B.





The 3-hole hitter hits a fastball down and in to our third baseman who runs to the bag, steps on it and forces the lead-off out @ 3B.






With the Clean-up hitter at the plate, Forster goes to work and gets a strike-out on a curveball in the dirt, with the block from our catcher and the throw to 1B. The inning continues with runners at 1st and 2nd. Forster gets out of the inning by picking off the runner @ 2B.



After uploading game data, you will be able to decipher pitches called in specific situations and you have an opportunity to see how effective those pitches and your pitcher were in each situation.


Below you will find screenshots of the half inning, the Pitching Chart of that half inning and an Export of pertinent data for us scouting our pitchers.


Pitching Chart:




We are using this example of an export to show the different ways you can display your data to your players and coaches as well as set it up for you to best present the data!

If you would like more ideas or need help presenting your data, just email us at and we will be happy to help!


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