Track Your Hitters

Tracking Your Hitters


Below is an example of how we used the Pitch Locator to track our hitter's at-bats vs. specific pitches and situations:


Black, our lead-off hitter takes the first pitch fastball for a ball. On the second pitch, Black hits a line drive over the shortstop's head. Black was ready for the second fastball because of the data we gathered from 2 previous outings with the Pitch Locator. Specifically, what we found was that this particular pitcher consistently followed a fastball off the plate with a fastball strike. Black was ready and jumped on it!


Our 2-hole, Robertson layed down a textbook sac bunt. We called the sac on the first pitch because of the first pitch tendencies of the opposing pitcher as we had 2 of his previous games in our Pitch Locator.


The Pitch Locator data showed this particular pitcher liked to break out his curveball early to 3-hole hitters. Our 3-hole, Adams, was aware and took a healthy cut on the first pitch curveball. Unfortunately, he missed. But after taking 2 fastballs, he got the curveball he was looking for and bounced it off the wall for an RBI double!


Here is the Pitching Chart from our first 3 hitters:



Here is the data we exported for our players:



This next screenshot shows ALL pitches thrown to the first three hitters. This option gives you a good look at location consistency or lack there of. You have the option to see ALL pitches in a game at one time.



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